The BrandZ boasts an extraordinary selection of gemstones which fulfil every wish.
Thanks to trusting long term relationships with mine owners all over the world with numerous manufacturing facilities for cutting and polishing stones, we obtain the precious stones directly.


The ruby is the red variant of the mineral corundum and obtains its colour from the trace element chromium. It is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. The ruby is exceedingly rare, especially when it comes to fine quality. For sizes over 3 carats it can reach higher prices than diamonds. The BrandZ can present a wide range of rubies.


Like ruby, sapphire belongs to the corundum variety. It is best known for its intense blue colour. Further Sapphire colours include yellow, orange, pink, purple, green and even colourless; all available in The BrandZ range. Thanks to its hardness, which is only surpassed by the diamond, the sapphire is well suited for jewellery.


The oldest known emeralds were formed 2.6 billion years ago. They belong to the gemstone variety of beryl, which are colourless in their pure state. Especially traces of chrome and vanadium colour the emerald bright green. The BrandZ has a wide range of emeralds from Colombia, Brazil and Zambia.


The colours of the aquamarine, which belongs to the beryl variety, range from the barely perceptible light blue to an intense green blue. The more intense the colour of an aquamarine, the more valuable it is. Most aquamarines available at The BrandZ come from Brazil and Mozambique.


The morganite, another well-known representative of the beryl variety, sparkles from clear pink to delicate peach tones. The BrandZ will be happy to advise you on which shade suits you best. A morganite from deposits in Brazil, Madagascar or Afghanistan will be among them.


In the trade, only the greenish-yellow and green stones are called beryl. The variety names are used for all other beryls. Among other things, The BrandZ has the beautifully glowing golden beryl in its range.


With its colour spectrum, which ranges from neon green and blue to turquoise tones, the Paraiba tourmaline is a star amongst the coloured gemstones. It owes its sparkling colours to a proportion of copper, which has only been found in small deposits in Brazil and Mozambique. This rarity makes the Paraiba tourmaline a true exclusivity and a safe investment. The BrandZ has direct contact with the mine owners.


Tourmalines surpass all other gemstones in the variety of colours. Its name comes from the Sinhalese expression “tura mali” and means something like “stone with mixed colours”. Tourmalines are ideal for individually designed pieces of jewellery, which The BrandZ would be happy to create for you with its designers.


The rubellite belongs to the colourful tourmaline family. Its colours shine in beautiful nuances from red to a radiant pink. While most of the “red” tourmalines show a distinct brown colour in artificial light, the colour of the rubellite does not change with different light sources. The BrandZ is happy to present this characteristic to you.


In 1967 this stunning gem was discovered in north-eastern Tanzania, near Tsavo National Park. It belongs to the garnet family and sparkles in the most beautiful shades of green. It owes its intense fire to its high refraction. The BrandZ also possesses rare pieces over 3 carats.


At the end of the 20th century, orange garnets of unprecedented colour intensity and luminosity were found in Namibia along the border river to Angola, the Kunene River. After having many names, it was agreed upon to name it Mandarin Garnet. The spectacular specimens of The BrandZ come from Namibia and the later discovered deposits in Nigeria.


The demantoid belongs to the large gemstone group of garnets. Its name derives from Dutch and means something like “the diamond-like”. Because of its rarity, it is one of the most valuable gemstones. Demantoid gems of over 8 carats are considered true rarities and can be obtained from The BrandZ due to its excellent contacts.


Tanzanite is named after the East African state of Tanzania, the only place in the world where this gemstone has been found so far. It was first discovered by a couple of Masai shepherds in 1967. Thanks to holdings, the suppliers of The BrandZ can guarantee fair and controlled mining.


Throughout history the spinel has often been confused with the ruby. It turned out that some gemstones from various crown jewels were mistaken for rubies and are indeed Spinel. However, this does not reduce their value in any way. The beautiful specimens from The BrandZ come mainly from Tanzania, Myanmar (Burma) and Vietnam.


The precious alexandrite has the property of displaying different shades of green in natural light and a palette of purple and red shades in artificial light. It belongs to the Chrysoberyl gemstone variety and is the chameleon in the assortment of The BrandZ range.


There are only a few chrysoberyl crystals that are clear and transparent enough to be able to be cut as gemstones. The BrandZ also boasts the variety of chrysoberyl cat’s eye in its range. The refraction of light in the fine, parallel tabular crystals and slender prisms create a billowing shimmer of light on the gemstone.


The topaz exists in many different colours. The Imperial Topaz is by far the rarest and most expensive variety in the topaz family. Its colour palette ranges from peach and pink to rare purple tones. The BrandZ collection comprises rare pieces as well as beautiful pairs, which are wonderfully suitable for earrings.


The colour of the amethyst ranges from a very light, slightly pink to a very dark purple. The most sought-after pieces in The BrandZ range are dark purple in colour and for the most part come from Africa.


Like amethyst, citrine belongs to the quartz family. Natural citrines are exceedingly rare. Amethysts are often treated with heat and turn their colour into an orange yellow. The BrandZ strictly declares all stones and treatments according to the specifications of the trade organization CIBJO.