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Growing up in South Africa and living close to the mines, I was fascinated by diamonds as a child. With my grandfather working for a large mining company, the stories about his everyday work never let go of me. During a visit to Europe, with all the beautiful jewellery stores, I was certain; “I want to learn about jewellery, gemstones and diamonds”. So, I decided to study gemmology. I then worked for various renowned jewellers and watch companies and gained in-depth knowledge about production, marketing, and sales. But it all came together …

As the son of a family of gemstone dealers, I was immersed in the business from an early age. Before I joined the family company, I completed an apprenticeship as a banker, which mainly taught me to deal with numbers. The subsequent study of gemmology supported my role in the family business to buy and sell precious stones. 10 years later I was attracted by the offer to work for the world’s largest watch and jewellery retailer. At first, in purchasing gemstones for jewellery production and finally as managing director of 8 sales outlets with over 140 employees. My most important meeting, however, happened …

Rose Gold Bracelet with Sapphires
White Gold Men's Bracelet with Diamonds



… in January 1995 in the cafeteria of the German Gemmological Society. Our eyes met for the first time and we have been inseparable ever since. 25 Years later we founded our business, The BrandZ, and continue our professional passion together.

There is something fascinating about gemstones, especially diamonds: they are a statement and perfectly underline the character of the wearer. That is why we attribute particular importance to competent, personal advice – quite informally if you so wish: in your home, at a location of your choice or at our annual events.

Something that is important to us: with our expertise and passion for what we do, we want to offer you an exclusive shopping experience. We allow our creativity to run free and ensue in a bespoke design, fulfilling your wishes of a unique piece of jewellery. Thanks to our direct, numerous and long-term partnerships, we can create your personal treasure from a single source. One thing has not changed over the years: watches, jewellery and gemstones have never lost their magic to us, and neither will they!

Your Theona & Patrick

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